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"The Ace of Cups rises from a Fully open white lotus blossom, Which is the symbol of Love of a giving nature. It is the feminine counterpart of The Ace of Wands; Open, receptive, surrendering; Bearing the transformatory Power of giving love. The key words are overflowing love, Emotional clarity, Deep love of the self, Giving and receiving. The giving of love happens effortlessly. That which continually flows into us from The boundless abundance of the Universe radiates outward again by itself, If we remain open and receptive. This giving is not dependent on individual, Perhaps close people. There is so much to share! All of existence can take part in it.

"Becoming one with the All-embracing, Omnipresent love Is such a silent ecstasy. The affirmation is: All-encompassing love fills me and my environment. From The Wheel of Change: The cup is a potent symbol of Containment, Protection, and Enclosure. It is a vessel of magic, Allowing us to control liquids That would otherwise Escape our practical use. The cup or chalice is also associated With the original container of life, The womb.

"The Ace of Cups Is the most Elemental and Original expression Of the Water Element. All life originally Evolved in the Primordial Womb of the Sea. It was the Dark, Concealing, Protective Mother; Where life was Cradled Before it Emerged and Crawled to land.

"Again: The central cup of this card Is the Ardagh Chalice, One of the finest Examples Of early Christian Celtic art, Crafted in Ireland In the early eighth Century. Ireland is a Mystical land of Water and feeling. The mist of the Island, and its Green fields Represent the Fertile Goddess and Her mystery, Which lives So deep in the Hearts of the Irish People.

"The Ace represents Emotion in an Undivided state, A type of Feeling we rarely Experience As we grow Older and learn to Stand back from Our feelings So that we may Interpret and Analyze them.

"In the Rumi Tarot, The Ace of Cups Represents the Intoxicating wine of Divine Ecstasy Imbibed within the Tavern of Ruin Served by the Cupbearer, or Saki , as Celebrated by many Arab-Persian poets. This Talismanic Cup is the Jewelled Chalice of Jamshid, The mythical King of Persia, Which contained the Divine Elixer of Intoxication and Immortality, and in Whose Depths All things occurring in the Seven Heavenly Spheres were revealed to The Seer."

(wordpress of magicway)


released November 10, 2014




The Red Bard (Frank McGregor) Texas

"Bardic music is a twin of poetry, a secret language of the soul, and an agent of enchantment. It is a vehicle for meditation, a means to touch the mystery that precedes magic and imbas, and an artistic force that speaks directly to the mythic realm of the archtypes, the place where true dreams live." - Arthur Rowan ... more

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Track Name: Ace of Cups
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